The boutique

The charming boutique in the heart of the historical city centre of Siena offers an amazing variety of hats together with fine clothing and accessories, all carefully selected in Tuscany together with renowned Italian fashion houses and iconic brands representing Italy in the world, such as Borsalino.


Matilde became familiar with the world of hats and exclusive haymakers while she was busy to do something else. Coming from an academic background, Matilde and her elegant atelier are a real case of “serendipity”, as often happens in life. Casual encounters with interesting fashion designers, fascinating trunks full of “once upon a time” objects are able to go back to life by simply revisiting a few details, a continuos search of materials and shapes that can make the difference. This is the world of hat manufacture, a symbol of Italian excellence. Her innate curiosity and creativity makes her boutique a must visit-shop if you are in Siena

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